Best Managed Cloud WordPress Hosting Service in the USA

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider in the USA that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites and migrate them between hosting plans. With a focus on providing fast, reliable, and secure hosting, WP Engine helps you create exceptional digital experiences on the web. WP Engine offers a range of fully managed plans that are built for speed and scalability.

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Kinsta is a WordPress hosting provider that offers fully-managed plans starting at $25 per month. When billed annually, Kinsta’s plans include two free months. While the pricing is slightly higher than other managed hosting providers, Kinsta prioritizes providing excellent support, fast loading times, and secure servers.

Bluehost is a well-known hosting company that has a team of WordPress experts who are committed to making your website fast and secure. Their managed web hosting plans include top-notch customer support from WordPress experts. Bluehost offers both regular shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting at affordable prices. Liquid Web also offers a full range of WordPress site management features and fast WordPress hosting solutions.

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Flywheel is powered by Google Cloud and includes a free CDN and a customizable dashboard for managing your WordPress site. Namecheap offers managed WordPress hosting through the EasyWP line, which is designed to make it easy to set up your site. This managed WordPress hosting solution includes features such as daily automatic backups, a free SSL certificate, CDN, automatic updates, a one-click test zone (test site), and strong site security.


DreamHost offers secure, fast, reliable, and optimized WordPress hosting solutions. A2 Hosting aims to provide WordPress users with a fast, reliable, and optimized service. DreamHost is a well-known and established US hosting service with over 340,000 customers. A2 Hosting is known for providing some of the fastest hosting solutions available.

A2 Hosting has data centers in the US, the Netherlands, and Singapore. SiteGround also offers features such as one-click staging, version control, automatic WordPress updates, SSL certificates, Cloudflare’s free CDN, and more. Liquid Web offers managed WooCommerce hosting and takes care of WordPress security. DreamHost is suitable for large sites with high traffic and also offers managed VPS plans for WordPress.

For large websites, managed hosting is a great choice that will handle all the technical aspects of your website. This is because a managed web host will take care of the technical aspects of running WordPress. Many web hosts offer some type of WordPress service, whether it is an optimized environment or a managed environment.

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  1. Dedicated Technical Support
    When it comes to managed hosting support, dedicated technical support is a must. Managed hosting companies should provide 24/7 in house technical staff ready to answer questions, resolve problems and assist customers with high-level expertise and knowledge. Look for managed hosting providers that offer around-the-clock support via live chat, phone or email so you never have to guess or search the web for answers when troubleshooting an issue.
  1. Backup & Disaster Recovery
    Your website data is priceless, so having a solid backup plan and disaster recovery strategy is paramount in case of unforeseen data corruption or hardware failure. Most managed hosting services provide automatic remote backups of your entire database so you’ll always be able to restore lost or corrupted content quickly and efficiently.
  2. Website Security & Monitoring
    Security threats abound on the web these days, so having a secure managed hosting service that provides 24/7 monitoring and protection from malicious attacks is essential for any business website. Managed hosting plans typically include firewalls, malware scanning and DDoS prevention to safeguard sites from unauthorized access and malicious code injection attempts by nefarious hackers
  3. Scalability
    One of the primary advantages of managed hosting over basic shared plans is scalability; as your business needs grow you can easiliy add more resources such as disk space, bandwidth and RAM with no disruption to your site’s uptime or performance.. Managed services allow you incrementally increase resources within seconds — all at an agreed upon price you can budget accordingly without overspending on capacity like with traditional server configurations.
  4. Performance Optimization
    Managed services often come equipped with performance optimization techniques such as caching, http compression algorithms and image optimization tools all aimed at making sure your site loads faster than ever without sacrificing quality or user experience while still maintaining a healthy profit margin due to reduced energy costs associated with improved system efficiency
  5. Infrastructure Management
    Managed hosting includes proactive management of both hardware and software platforms including maintenance tasks like applying security updates, monitoring performance logs and scheduling advanced upgrades where necessary — all behind the scenes operations which are handled by highly skilled IT professionals who specialize in keeping systems running smooth
  6. Server Administration
    Control panels included with many managed service offerings make server administration much simpler than with traditional setups; features such as automated backups, document management systems (DMS), collaborative toolsets through integration APIs from popular industry developers like Google add another layer of convenience for administrators working within extremely tight time frames


If you prioritize budget performance for your WordPress site over time-saving features, SiteGround may be a good option for you. Managed hosting is a good choice if you expect a significant increase in traffic to your website, as it can provide more stability and handle more traffic, especially for WordPress sites. If you anticipate significant growth for your website, you will need a host that can accommodate future expansion.

Like Flywheel, SiteGround not only offers WordPress-centric hosting but also allows you to choose from hundreds of premium themes from ThemeForest when building your site. DreamHost is also a strong option due to its affordable yet fast WordPress hosting and various noteworthy features. InMotion Hosting has a WordPress-optimized stack and a free CDN to provide excellent load times, but its data centers are only located in the US and its WordPress plans do not have formal uptime guarantees.

The DreamHost Shared Starter plan includes shared hosting servers, one WordPress site, unlimited traffic, one-click SSL certificates, fast SSD storage, 24/7 support, and email updates. Nexcess’s managed hosting plans also include automatic WordPress core and plugin updates and offer free site migration to Nexcess, Visual Comparison, and WP Merge plans. For those building an online store for a client, Nexcess includes the Qubely Pro package with the WordPress Gutenberg editor and more.