Urfi Javed top nor a bra latest photoshoot

Every look attracts the attention of people. The actress also never forgets to share glimpses of her photoshoots with her fans. Now again the actress has increased the heartbeat of everyone..

The Actress, whether she comes in the discussion due to any of her projects or not, she definitely remains in the news due to her looks and stylish looks. Today she is no longer interested in any identity. Today her fans are present all over the world, who are desperate for a glimpse of her.

The actress has become a well-known name on social media. Every day a new avatar of her goes viral among the fans. In such a situation, her fan list is also getting longer. Now again the actress has shared a glimpse of her latest look with the fans. In these pictures, she looks hot and beautiful.

This look is going viral

Urfi is also seen doing amazing dance moves during this time. Urfi is also seen handling her dress in a very spectacular way. This video of Urfi is becoming increasingly viral on social media and netizens like to watch this video of Urfi again and again.

Razor dress

Urfi Javed Recently a dangerous look has come to the fore. This time Urfi Javed has prepared her new dress with razor blade. Urfi is looking very good in this dangerous dress made of razor. As beautiful as Urfi looks in this dress, this dress is also dangerous. Actually, due to a slight mistake, the actress can cut the body with a blade and bleed. Urfi had tied the blade on the cloth with the help of thread as if she was a star. This daring look of the actress is becoming increasingly viral on social media.